The Blood Alliance Recipient Benefits Plan

What is the Recipient Benefits Plan?

The Blood Alliance's Recipient Benefits Plan is designed to provide limited financial assistance to blood donors, their immediate families or specific designees who have received blood transfusions. It helps these recipients recover some of the blood processing fees. These are fees The Blood Alliance must charge health care organizations for the collecting, testing and processing of the blood products, and to ensure the safest blood possible is available for local patients. The Recipient Benefits Plan was created to give a percentage of those fees back to the donors who so generously give the gift of life and to encourage replacement of transfused blood so there will always be enough available for patients who need it.

What kinds of plans are available?

The Recipient Benefits Plan has three coverage plans: Self, Group and Special.

Self Plan — provides benefits for you and your tax dependents based on one donation of blood/blood products within a 12-month period. Benefits will be available for one year following your donation date. A second donation within the same 12-month period extends benefits to non-tax dependent family members as well.

Group Plan — provides benefits for members of a specific donor group, such as a business, religious, educational, civic or other organization. When at least 25% of the group's membership donates blood/blood products within a 12-month period, every member and their tax dependents, regardless of whether they donated, are eligible for benefits for one year. If at least 40% of the group donates within a 12-month period, benefits extend to the members' non-tax dependent family members, parents, and siblings. If at least 50% of a group donates within a 12-month period, benefits extend to retired group members and their spouses.

Special Account — allows donors to give their donation credit to someone currently using blood products or who will be in the near future. Any Blood Alliance donor can choose to designate his/her donation credit to another individual, as long as The Blood Alliance has an account set up for that individual. Each donation is equal to a unit of blood transfused.

For example: A 14-year-old girl is going in the hospital for a liver transplant. Her family asks The Blood Alliance to set up an account and a dedicated blood drive for her. Fifty people donate during the drive, and the teenager uses 45 units of blood during her transplant. The teenager's family will receive recipient benefits for each of the 45 units of blood transfused. The other five will remain in the patient's account for a 12-month period. If she does not need additional transfusions in the 12-month period, the five units will drop off, leaving a zero balance.

To set up a Special Account, receive information on Requests for Benefits, or for any other questions, please call The Blood Alliance at 904-353-8263 or 888-447-1479 (toll free).

How can I join?

To join the plan, all you have to do is donate blood at any of The Blood Alliance donor centers, mobile units or portable blood drives. Your donation not only supports our community's blood supply, but also enrolls you in the plan. Your plan benefits will stay active for 12 months after you donate, and if you are a regular donor, they will continue to stay active.

If you are giving an autologous donation (giving blood for your own surgery) or a directed donation (giving blood that will be transfused for a specific patient), you will need to donate again to the general community's supply to become enrolled in the plan.

What are the benefits?

The Blood Alliance's Recipient Benefits Plan reimburses 20% of the total processing fee for blood or blood products charged by The Blood Alliance, provided the plan was activated before the need for blood was established. For donations made in response to a known need, see the description for Special Accounts.

Qualified recipients (defined as the donor, donor's immediate family, and specially designated recipients) will receive this reimbursement regardless of the recipient's health insurance benefits.

Even if the treatment was received outside of The Blood Alliance's coverage area, benefits are available as long as the donation earning the credit was made through The Blood Alliance.

How does the recipient receive benefits?

Following treatment, the recipient or a designee must fill out the three forms listed at the top of this page. Attach the forms to an itemized copy of the appropriate hospital bill. Mail or deliver this information to:

The Blood Alliance
7595 Centurion Parkway
Jacksonville, FL 32206