Pre-Diabetes: Lowering Your Risk for Diabetes

"Pre-Diabetes: Lowering Your Risk for Diabetes" is a free 60-minute class taught by the patient education specialists in the Patient Education Center in the Siebens Building, Subway Level that includes classroom discussion and facilitated dialogue. Class content includes explanation of prediabetes, risk factors for prediabetes and diabetes with the intent of assisting the patient to develop a plan for healthy lifestyle changes, which may delay or prevent the progression to diabetes. After attending this class, patients should be able to:

  • Define the following: What is prediabetes? What causes prediabetes? Why is the diagnosis of prediabetes important to me?
  • Identify risk factors for developing pre-diabetes and diabetes
  • Identify at least one goal related to risk reduction behaviors and develop a behavior change plan

Register by calling 507-284-8140 or by making an appointment at the Patient Education Center reception desk.