Partnerships and Affiliations

American Cancer Society Navigator Program

In August 2001, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center and the American Cancer Society (ACS), Midwest Division, began a unique partnership. Mayo Clinic Cancer Center employees are joined by ACS Navigators who work in the Cancer Education Center. The Navigators assist cancer patients and families with educational resource and referral needs, regardless of where treatment is provided. Navigators help cancer patients find their way through the medical system and assist with Internet resources, books and periodicals, services, support groups, supplies, materials and medical equipment.

National Cancer Institute Cancer Information Service Partnership Program (NCI-CIS Partnership Program)

Two outreach coordinators from the NCI Cancer Information Service Partnership Program work at the Minnesota campus of Mayo Clinic Cancer Center. They collaborate with national, state, and regional organizations to bring cancer information to minority and medically underserved audiences. Partnership Program staff assist organizations in developing programs that focus on breast and cervical cancer, clinical trials, tobacco control, and cancer awareness for special populations.

Cancer Education Patient Education Network (CPEN)

The Cancer Patient Education Network is a group of health care professionals who share experiences and best practices in all aspects of cancer patient education. The mission of CPEN is to promote and provide models of excellence in patient, family, and community education.

Mayo Clinic Cancer Center is a founding supporter of CPEN, which collaborates with the National Cancer Institute's Office of Education and Special Initiatives.

Minnesota Cancer Alliance

Staff from the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center have collaborated with representatives across the state in creating Minnesota's first comprehensive cancer control plan, "Cancer Plan Minnesota." The plan is a framework for action that seeks to reduce the burden of cancer among Minnesotans. The plan is being implemented by the Minnesota Cancer Alliance, a voluntary association of health care organizations, community groups and advocates that offers free membership to any organization or individual interested in reducing the state's cancer burden.