A Model to Predict the Outcome of Liver Transplantation in Patients with PBC and PSC

This calculator is intended for use by health care providers. The results of this tool should never be used alone to determine a patient's medical treatment. This tool is a statistical model and is not a substitute for an individual treatment plan developed by a doctor with personal knowledge of a specific patient. Other important factors that must be considered include the patient's own medical history and the experience, knowledge and training of the doctor. Doctors should personally discuss these results with patients when presenting prognoses or treatment recommendations.

The following model predicts blood usage, length of stay in ICU, and occurrence of significant complications in patients undergoing liver transplantation. Please enter data in the corresponding boxes.

Choose one of the following for child's score
Choose one of the following for patient's performance status
Does the patient have renal failure (creatinine > 2.0 mg/dl or oliguria < 10ml/Kg/24h)?

Blood usage is expected to be times the average.

Length of stay in ICU is expected to be times the average.

The rate of severe complications is expected to be times the average.

Ricci P et al. A prognostic model for the outcome of liver transplantation in patients with cholestatic liver disease. Hepatology 1997;25:672-677. PubMed.