Mayo Clinic creates patient-centric sexual health video for people with spinal cord injury

Education on sexual health after spinal cord injury (SCI) is a vital component in promoting sexual well-being. Written materials typically don't capture the emotional aspects of sexuality that are central to the process of re-establishing sexual health and sexual identity after spinal cord injury. The most frequently used sexual health video for SCI patients is more than 15 years old and is outdated, predating the introduction of erectile dysfunction medications.

Recognizing these limitations, a team of rehabilitation professionals recently used patient-centric care methodology to create a contemporary SCI sexual health video called "Feeling Your Way: Relationships and Sexuality After Spinal Cord Injury." Patient focus groups helped the team identify gaps in available patient education materials and generate new content ideas for the video. Patients also participated in phone interviews to convey real-life "sexual stories" and to generate additional topics for inclusion in the video. The resulting video was significantly different from what the rehabilitation team initially envisioned.

"Focus group members, rehabilitation team members, and persons with acute spinal cord injury have been unanimous in indicating that the resulting educational video does an excellent job of addressing the sexual health and sexual well-being concerns of persons with SCI," says Lisa A. Beck, R.N., C.N.S., a clinical nurse specialist on Mayo Clinic's SCI team.

Video topics include:

  • Re-establishing sexual identity
  • Dating and relationships
  • Adapting to changes after SCI
  • Managing physical complications

Preview a trailer of the video on YouTube.

Now available at Mayo Clinic Store

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