Benefits and Compensation

2015 benefit highlights

See the 2015 benefit highlights booklet for Mayo Clinic allied health staff.

Health and wellness

Mayo Clinic offers comprehensive medical plans and wellness options allowing employees to achieve their health and fitness goals. Read more about health and wellness benefits.

Family and child care

Whether adopting, finding child care for a sick child, or finding the right caregiver for an older family member, resources are available to provide for your family. Read more about family and child care benefits.

Financial and retirement

Planning for the future and protecting against risk is a partnership between Mayo and its employees. Read more about financial and retirement benefits.

Time off and work-life balance

Achieving balance means something different for everyone, whether it's going on vacation, meeting people with similar hobbies, or spending time with family and friends. Read more about time off and work-life balance.

Professional growth and education

From an employee's first day, learning opportunities and experiences create pathways for individual growth and development. Read more about professional growth and education.

Recognition and celebration

Mayo Clinic honors individual and collective achievements that contribute to the mission. Read more about recognition and celebration.

Benefit plan details

Learn more about Mayo Clinic benefits plans, including detailed information for the plan, eligibility, coverage information and instructions on how to file claims.