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The best way to learn about the Center for Innovation and the job experience you could expect is to hear from our current staff members. Here are a few of their stories and experiences.

Rose J. Anderson, service designer: 'You'll find work-life balance'

Photo of Rose J. Anderson

"People who are self-directed thrive here. They will find the latitude to align their project work with issues they are passionate about within health care. This can be more than a full-time job but by your own choice, not because of unrealistic expectations or timelines.

"The culture here embraces the value of what the team discovers in the design process and, therefore, the work itself is very much defined at the team level.

"Project inputs often begin as broad prompts, based on trends or shifts in the health care environment, and we are given the appropriate time and space to make the most of the kind of discovery that can take place within the design process.

"As we move through the process from discovery to development toward implementation, it is up to us as a multidisciplinary project team to define the specific objectives for ourselves and determine how our deliverables will meet those objectives."

Describe the Center for Innovation in 3 words

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  • Flexible, creative, passionate — Sandy J. Kintzele, administrative assistant
  • Idealistic, determined, talented — Daniel A. O'Neil, M.S., M.B.A., senior project manager

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