Kyle M. Satterblom, P.A.-C.

Physician Assistant

Kyle M. Satterblom, P.A.-C.: "Where do you work?" "Oh, I work at the Mayo Clinic." That usually gets an eyebrow raised, or somebody turns a head or takes notice because they recognize the name. And the next question is "Well, how's that?" and "What's it like working at Mayo?" There's a certain amount of pride with just working at an institution that's so well renowned as Mayo.

There's a huge variety in my job, especially working with trauma patients, with acute care surgery patients, you really don't know what's going to walk through the door next. There's a certain amount of urgency, there's a certain amount of excitement or adrenaline that kind of comes along with that. I mean, a car accident patient comes in downstairs. We are assessing them within seconds of when they pulled in the door, and there's a whole group of people. And the adrenaline kind of gets going and the goal is to make sure that we care for the patient and manage their life-threatening injuries immediately.

I'm happy with my job. I feel like the role that I'm in, personally, I feel like I was made for it. It's just a good fit.

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