Alli weight-loss pill

Is Alli your new partner for weight loss? A Mayo Clinic specialist discusses the effectiveness of this over-the-counter weight-loss pill.

Are your beverage calories adding up?

Atkins Diet

Calorie count: Check your coffee cup

Check your weight-loss readiness

Counting calories

Weight control really boils down to one thing — calories. See what steps you can take to win the calorie battle.

Emotional eating

Stress, anger and other emotions can trigger overeating. Get tips to regain control of your eating and get your weight-loss efforts back on track.

Energy density

You really can eat more and still lose weight. How? The key is eating foods that are relatively low in calories but high in volume.

Exercise for weight loss

Gastric bypass surgery

Losing weight: What works?

Low-carb diet

Metabolism and weight loss

Mood and food: Regain control

OTC weight-loss pills

Do over-the-counter weight-loss pills lighten anything but your wallet? Are they safe? Here's what you need to know about popular diet aids.

Secrets of low-fat cooking

Snack well: Tips for on-the-go eating

Snacks and weight loss

Bypass the chips, cookies and candy. Discover new ways to snack wisely.

Solutions for weight-loss setbacks

The Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic Diet is a different approach to weight loss. It's a lifestyle that can help you maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime.

Trying to cut calories? Pick plants

Want to lose weight? Eat more fiber

Watch what you drink when dieting

Weight loss: Calories-cutting tips

Weight loss: Set yourself up for success

Weight loss: Unhook yourself from food

Weight-loss drugs

Weight-loss goals

Convert your thoughts into actions by setting realistic and attainable weight-loss goals.

Weight-loss options

With so many diets promising quick and easy weight-loss cures, how do you find one that actually works for you?

Weight-loss plateau

Your weight-loss plan was on a roll, but now it's at a standstill. Don't despair. These tips can help you restart your weight loss.

Weight-loss readiness

Before you plunge into a weight-loss program, see if you're truly ready to change.

Weight-loss strategies

Want to tip the scales in your favor? Here are six ways to win at weight loss and keep the pounds off.

Weight-loss tip: Don't skip snacks

Apr. 05, 2014