Anger management

Being assertive

Caregiver stress

Coping with job stress

Dealing with stress when you have MS


Empty nest syndrome


Headaches and stress

Holiday stress

How to be happy

How to say no

Job burnout

Job satisfaction



Stressed out? Try meditation. Learn easy, quick techniques that you can use at work, waiting in line or virtually anywhere.

Mindfulness exercises

Pet therapy

Positive thinking

Is your glass half-full or half-empty? Harness the power of optimism to turn negatives into positives.

Prenatal yoga

Prevent stress setbacks

Stress may be a part of life, but these simple stress management strategies can help you stay in control.


Problem-solving is a potent tool for beating stress. Here's how to put it to work for you.

Relaxation techniques


When life throws you a curveball, do you bounce back quickly? See what it means to be resilient — and how to harness your inner strength.

Social support: Tap this tool to beat stress

Sources of stress

Stress is your body's response to the demands of the world. Identifying your personal triggers is the key to effectively managing your stress.

Spirituality and stress relief

Cultivating your spirituality can help you establish your priorities, focus on what matters most to you and reduce your level of stress.

Stress and your health

See how constant stress wreaks havoc on your body and mind, and what you can do about it.

Stress management

When you identify unhealthy ways of reacting to stress, you can begin to control the stress, rather than letting it control you.

Stress relief

Stress relief from laughter

Is the key to stress relief as simple as bringing more laughter into your life? Discover the surprising benefits of honing your sense of humor.

Stress relievers

Stress getting to you? Try these tips to find relief.

Stress symptoms

Aches and pains, irritability, and crying spells may have an unexpected source — stress. Recognize these and other signs and symptoms so that you can take action.

Stress-relief tips

Support groups

Tai chi

Work-life balance


April 08, 2014