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Count to 10 before hitting send

By Edward T. Creagan, M.D. February 3, 2011

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If the stress in your life is more than you can cope with, get help right away.

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
    1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Go to the nearest hospital or emergency room
  • Call your physician, health provider or clergy
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness
    1-800-950-NAMI (6264)

Last week one of my colleagues, a respected researcher, watched her project evaporate with the stroke of an accountant's pen. She was devastated. She was angry. She was ready to shoot off a flaming email. But instead she took several days to deliberate about her situation. She then chose to explain to leadership in a calm but forceful way the unfairness of the situation. She knew she was right, but she also recognized that the situation wasn't going to change.

She could have complained and attacked the system, but she understood that the cost would've been too great. She chose instead to close that chapter and to move on with dignity and poise.

My colleague set an admirable example that others would be well advised to follow. She had the wisdom not to react in haste. She took the time to let her feelings subside. Only then, after careful deliberation, did she respond.


Edward T. Creagan, M.D.

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Feb. 03, 2011