Expert Answers

Men's sexual health

  1. Discolored semen: What does it mean?
  2. Frequent sex: Does it protect against prostate cancer?
  3. Male masturbation
  4. Male yeast infection: Can I get it from my girlfriend?
  5. Penis fracture
  6. Prostatitis and sex
  7. Testosterone level

Sex and aging

  1. Loss of sex drive in men
  2. Testosterone therapy in women

Sexual health basics

  1. Antidepressants: Sexual side effects
  2. Chemotherapy and sex: Is sexual activity OK during treatment?
  3. Natural aphrodisiacs

Women's sexual health

  1. Birth control pills
  2. Pap smear: Do I need one if I'm a virgin?
  3. Pre-ejaculation fluid and pregnancy
  4. Seasonale and spotting
  5. Sex after years of abstinence
  6. Sex during vaginal infection: Is it harmful?
  7. Viagra for women?
Apr. 04, 2014