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Baby showers: Can you have too many?

By Mary M. Murry, R.N., C.N.M. December 18, 2012

I think that baby showers are one of the best inventions ever. Okay, the microwave is pretty impressive, too. I just love the thought of a party celebrating you and your baby.  Not to mention the gifts you'll be showered with.

A celebration of the coming baby is a modern evolution of ancient rituals held to mark the birth of a new member of the community. In earlier eras, these ritual celebrations were held after the baby was born. I've noticed more women having post-delivery showers today, too, especially if the sex of the baby is a mystery.

First-time moms are the usual recipients of a baby shower. I've also been hearing about parties called sprinkles for women who already have children. Why should the first-timers get all the fun?

Of course, the gifts from a baby shower — or sprinkle — help ease the financial burden of having a baby. Babies need plenty of gear, and that gear can be expensive!

Still, I think there's a deeper meaning in baby showers. Giving gifts is a way to help the soon-to-be mom transition into parenthood. Baby showers also provide a time to share collective knowledge and wisdom on pregnancy, childbirth and babies. Just don't believe everything you hear!

I do wonder, though, if you can have too many baby showers. What's your take?

Dec. 18, 2012