A new way to enjoy fresh fruit

Add flax to your diet

Added sugar

Added sugar often means unwanted calories. See how to identify and cut back on added sugar.

Alcohol use

Drinking alcohol might offer some health benefits. But that's only if you drink responsibly and in moderation.

Anatomy of a whole grain

Are energy drinks bull?

Are you getting enough calcium?

Artificial sweeteners

Beans and other legumes: Cooking tips

Best oil for cooking?

Breast-feeding nutrition: Tips for moms

Butter vs. margarine: What's healthier?

Caffeine content

How much caffeine is in that latte or soda you're sipping?

Caffeine: How much is too much?


Calcium: Building better bones

Calorie calculator

Calculate the number of calories you need daily to maintain your weight.

Carbohydrate-loading diet

A carbohydrate-loading diet can give you an extra edge during an endurance event. Here's how it works.


Cholesterol medications: When diet and exercise aren't enough

Cholesterol: Top foods to improve your numbers

Cholesterol-lowering supplements: What works?

Clear liquid diet

Cook up ways to go low fat

Cooking dinner? Try these techniques

Cuts of beef

Options abound when it comes to selecting cuts of beef. This guide can help you choose cuts with the lowest fat.

Cutting sugar out of Mom's famous brownies?

Daily water requirement

DASH diet

The DASH diet doesn't have to be difficult. These tips can help you shop and cook according to DASH diet principles.

DASH diet

Avoid the potential pitfalls of restaurant dining by watching out for hidden fat, excess salt and heaping portions.

DASH diet

The DASH diet can control blood pressure and offer other health benefits. Here's how to make it a part of your healthy lifestyle.

DASH recommended servings

The DASH diet emphasizes whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products. This table of recommended servings can help you plan meals.

Dietary fats

Get the skinny on dietary fat, including which types of fat to avoid and which to choose for good health.

Dietary fiber

Eat more fiber. You've probably heard it before. But do you know why fiber is so good for your health?

Dietary guidelines

Get the skinny on current dietary recommendations about which foods to choose and which to avoid.

Dietary supplements: Skip megadoses

Dietary supplements: Storage counts

Diverticulitis diet

Do you drink enough water?

Don't grocery shop on an empty stomach

Eat well to control cholesterol

Eating out? Watch for trans fat

Eating well when you have Crohn's disease

Take steps to maintain a healthy diet while limiting foods that may trigger your Crohn's disease symptoms.

Eggs: Bad for cholesterol?

Fast food

Is fast food on your menu tonight? You don't need to give up your weight-loss plans for this quick meal. Just be choosy.

Fast-food tip: Go for the greens

Fast-food tip: Have it your way

Fast-food tip: Keep it small

Fast-food tip: Opt for grilled items

Fast-food tip: Skip the fries

Fast-food tip: Watch what you drink

Fiber: How to get your fill

Fit in more fruit

Fit more fiber into your diet

Flaxseed for breakfast? You bet!

Foodborne illness

Fruit how to: Blueberry-banana smoothie

Fruit how to: Grilled fruit slices

Fruit how to: Lemon-lime fruit dip

Fruit how to: Mango salsa pizza

Fruit how to: Peach honey spread

Gluten-free diet

Glycemic index diet

Got moldy cheese?

Gout diet

Grocery shopping? Food safety tops the list

Grocery store secret: Shop the perimeter

Have you had your omega-3s today?

Having fast food? Order it your way

Health-boosting nutrients

Healthier recipes? Delete 1 ingredient

Healthy breakfast options

Do you skip breakfast because you're short on time? Try these fast and easy breakfast options.

Healthy breakfast: Cinnamon French toast

Healthy cooking

Healthy cooking techniques

Use these healthy-cooking techniques to capture the flavor and nutrients of food without adding excessive fat or salt.

Healthy dessert: Vanilla poached peaches

Healthy diet guidelines

Do you know what dietary guidelines say about how much protein, fat and other nutrients you need each day?

Healthy diets

Want help eating healthy? Food pyramids and other symbols make it easier for you to make healthy choices.

Healthy eating: What are legumes, anyway?

Healthy fast food? Yes, it's possible

Healthy meal planning for 1

Healthy recipe: Bean salad with vinaigrette

Healthy recipe: Breakfast burrito

Healthy recipe: Brown rice pilaf

Healthy recipe: Crab salad

Healthy recipe: Garlic mashed potatoes

Healthy recipe: Glazed root vegetables

Healthy recipe: Pan pizza

Healthy recipe: Sauteed fresh corn

Healthy recipe: Seasoned baked cod

Healthy-eating tip: Don't forget fiber

Herbal supplements

Herbal supplements: Avoid gimmicks

High-fiber foods

Are you eating enough fiber? Find out the dietary fiber content of some common foods.

Holiday recipes

Liven up your holiday parties with these healthy holiday recipes.

How long can you keep leftovers?

Include food safety in your party plans

Ingredient substitutions

Healthier recipes may be as close as your own pantry. See which ingredient substitutions you can make to improve your diet.

Ingredient substitutions pack nutritional punch

Is there more to hydration than water?

Keep your breakfast cereal healthy

Low-fiber diet

Make food labels your new best friend

Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid tool

Go beyond the fad diets. Here's your permanent solution for weight control.

Meat and poultry

Learn ways to trim the fat from meat and poultry without sacrificing taste and enjoyment.

Meatless meals

Mediterranean diet

This heart-healthy eating plan emphasizes healthy fats, fruits and vegetables.

Mediterranean diet recipes

Give your diet a healthy kick with these Mediterranean recipes.

Menu planning

Menus for heart-healthy eating

Need a snack? Go nuts!

Need more fiber? Do it the easy way

Nutrition Facts

Use this interactive guide to decipher the Nutrition Facts label and break the code on healthy eating.

Nutrition know-how: Why whole food counts

Nutrition: Does it come in a pill?

Nutritional supplements

Nuts and your heart: Eating nuts for heart health

Eating nuts can help your heart. Discover how walnuts, almonds and other nuts help lower your cholesterol.

One-pot meals for healthy eating

Ordering fast food? Go for the greens

Ordering fast food? Opt for grilled items

Ordering fast food? Portion size counts

Ordering fast food? Skip the fries

Ordering fast food? Watch what you drink

Organic foods

Organic foods: What the labels mean

Paleo diet

Protein: Heart-healthy sources

Pyramid or plate? Explore these healthy diet options

Reading food labels

Recipe makeover: Morning glory muffins

Recipe makeovers

Many recipes can benefit from a healthy overhaul. Here are five ways to reduce the fat, calories and salt in your favorite recipes.

Salsa: Not just for chips anymore

Sample DASH menus

Sample menu

This sample menu shows you how the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid can help you plan daily meals and snacks.

Simple ways to cook healthier

Snack attack? Try these 100-calorie snacks


Getting too much sodium can raise your blood pressure and cause other health problems. See how to cut back on salt.

Sodium: Look beyond the saltshaker

Soup recipes

When you think of soup, you probably think chicken noodle. But that family favorite needn't be the only soup in your repertoire.

Spice up your cooking

Summer recipe collection

Thanksgiving recipes

Think outside the cereal box

Time to cut back on caffeine?

Tips for healthy eating out

Trans fat

Trans fat substitutes: Not always better

Trans fat: A double whammy

Try these quick, fun breakfast options

Try these veggie inspirations

Vegetarian diet

A vegetarian diet can be a healthy alternative, provided you plan carefully to meet your nutritional needs.

Vegetarian recipes

Veggie cooking tips: Corn and barley salad

Veggie how to: Acorn squash with apples

Veggie how to: Grilled vegetable kebabs

Veggie tip: Vegetable pita pockets

Vitamin C: An essential nutrient

Vitamin D: Essential with calcium

Want a healthy dessert? Grill fruit!

Want healthier recipes? Swap ingredients!

Where's the lean beef?

Whole grains

Why are whole grains better than refined grains?

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