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Train like an athlete for better health

By Jennifer K. Nelson, R.D., L.D. and Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. August 22, 2012

Who can help but admire the accomplishments of elite athletes? But their success doesn't come overnight. They must first set goals, and overcome challenges and setbacks. All-star athletes dedicate time to training, which includes not only physical and mental exercises but also the right diet to fuel their bodies.

Let the spirit of athletics inspire you to be the healthiest you can be. Whether it's eating better, making time for exercise or managing stress, setting goals can set your training regimen into motion. Hit it with these tips:

  • Target areas that need improvement. Do you need to make time for planning a grocery list, lunches or dinners for the week?
  • Identify available resources. Need to learn a new skill? Look for classes in your community or online, or invest in a book.
  • Plan to overcome obstacles. Money tight? Set up a workout routine at home instead of paying to join a gym. Shop smart with seasonal produce. Use frozen, canned and dried produce to keep you on track to a healthier diet.
  • Celebrate successes. Pat yourself on the back no matter how small or large the accomplishment.
  • Reevaluate and reset. Keep yourself moving forward. If you fall down, pick yourself up, brush yourself off and try again.

Can you see the finish line? What skills will you need to get there? How will you meet the challenges? Please share your successes and your advice for overcoming setbacks.

On your mark, get set and go!


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Aug. 22, 2012