Birth control pill FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions about birth control pills.

Diabetes and preparing for pregnancy

Female fertility tips

Thinking about having a baby? Find out how your lifestyle choices can affect your fertility.

Fertility preservation

Wonder how cancer treatment could affect your fertility? Understand what you can do to preserve your fertility before starting treatment.

Healthy sperm

Are you and your partner planning a pregnancy? Know how to promote sperm health and boost your fertility.

High-risk pregnancy

Home pregnancy tests

Should you trust the result of your home pregnancy test? Here's how to get an accurate reading.

How to get pregnant

You might have experience preventing pregnancy — but if the time is right, do you know how to get pregnant? Here's help.

Preconception planning

There's more to pregnancy than maternity clothes and childbirth classes. Start with a preconception appointment.

Pregnancy after 35

Pregnancy after miscarriage

If you've had a miscarriage and want to get pregnant again, you might have questions. Find out more about pregnancy after miscarriage.

Pregnancy and diabetes

Pregnancy spacing

How close is too close when it comes to timing pregnancies? Consider the impact pregnancy spacing can have on your health and your baby's health.

Symptoms of pregnancy

Even before you miss a period, you might suspect — or hope — that you're pregnant. Know the earliest clues.

April 05, 2014