1. Photo of elliptical machine
    Elliptical machine
  2. Image of woman using proper walking technique
    Proper walking technique
  3. Photo of woman doing sit-and-reach test
    Assessing flexibility in the legs, hips and lower back
  4. Photo of pedometer
  5. Image of walking poles
    Walking poles
  6. Barefoot running shoes
    Barefoot running shoes
  7. Photo of woman checking her pulse over the carotid artery
    Checking pulse over the carotid artery
  8. Photo of woman doing an abdominal crunch with a fitness ball
    Abdominal crunch with fitness ball
  9. Photo of woman doing a classic pushup
    Measuring muscular fitness
  10. Photo of Bod Pod device
    Bod Pod

Interactive Graphics

  1. Features of a walking shoe


  1. Interval Training
  2. Hip abduction walk with resistance tubing
  3. Standing hip abduction with resistance tubing
  4. Bent-over row with resistance tubing
  5. Seated row with resistance tubing
  6. Squat with resistance tubing
  7. Biceps curl with resistance tubing
  8. Triceps kickback with resistance tubing
  9. How to choose resistance tubing
  10. Hamstring curl with resistance tubing
  11. Reverse fly with dumbbell
  12. Triceps extension with dumbbell
  13. Chest press with dumbbell
  14. Biceps curl with barbell
  15. Squat with dumbbell
  16. Biceps curl with dumbbell
  17. Bent-over row with dumbbell
  18. Calf raise with dumbbell
  19. Lat pull-down with weight machine
  20. Knee extension with weight machine
  21. Chest press with weight machine
  22. Triceps extension with weight machine
  23. Lying hamstring curl with weight machine
  24. Seated leg press with weight machine
  25. Seated row with weight machine
  26. Seated hamstring curl with weight machine
  27. Biceps curl with weight machine
  28. Fitness ball bridge with heel dig
  29. Plank with fitness ball
  30. Abdominal ball raise with fitness ball
  31. How to choose a fitness ball
  32. Side exercise with fitness ball
  33. Abdominal crunch with fitness ball
  34. Reverse crunch with fitness ball
  35. Bridge with fitness ball
  36. Squat and reach with fitness ball
  37. Abdominal crunch
  38. Lunge exercise
  39. Squat exercise
  40. Step-up exercise
  41. Modified push-up
  42. Blood Doping
  43. Hockey Flywheel

Slide shows

  1. Aquatic exercises
  2. Fitness ball
  3. Core-strength exercises
  4. Weight training exercises
  5. Guide to stretches
  6. Golf stretches
  7. Balance exercises
  8. Office stretches
  9. Guide to stretches
Apr. 03, 2014