Aging doesn't mean the end of sex

Anger management

Anger management tips

Back pain at work

Is your job a pain in the back? Prevent back pain at work with these simple tips.

Better sleep

Can't remember the last time you felt well rested? Then check out these self-help tips for getting a good night's sleep.

Bloating, belching, intestinal gas and gas pains

Bone health tips

Wondering how to keep your bones strong and healthy? Follow these tips to take care of your bones.

Boosting self-esteem

Brow lift

Brow lift — Overview covers the definition, risks and possible benefits of this cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of the forehead and brow.


Cancer-prevention strategies

Concerned about cancer prevention? Put these cancer-prevention strategies to work for you.

Colon cancer screening

Considering LASIK surgery

Think LASIK might free you from glasses? Here's help understanding whether the procedure makes sense for you.

Contact lens basics

Thinking about trying contact lenses? Here's an overview of the basic choices — plus tips to keep you seeing clearly.

Cosmetic surgery

Considering cosmetic surgery? Here's help deciding whether surgery is right for you.


Desk stretches

Want to prevent pain and stiffness while you're working at your desk? Put desk stretches to work.

Disagreements about sex? Time to talk

Do your sunglasses get the job done?

Domestic violence against men

Domestic violence against women

Would you know if you were the target of domestic violence? Find out how to identify an abusive relationship — and how to get help.

Empty nest syndrome

Exercise: Check with your doctor

Regular physical activity is key to good health. But before you start a new exercise routine, you may want to check with your doctor first.

Eye injury

Eye injuries can happen just about anywhere — on the job or around the house — but most are preventable if you follow a few simple safety tips.

Fitness tips for business travelers

If your job keeps you on the road, it can be tough to find time for exercise — but it's not a lost cause. Here's help.



Did you know that friendships can improve your health? Understand how to develop good friendships.

Functional fitness training

Functional fitness exercises mimic everyday tasks. Should they be part of your workout?

Got a tick? Get a tweezers

Hand-washing tips

Have questions about sex? Ask your doctor

Have you flossed your teeth today?

How much sleep do you really need?

The usual advice is eight hours a night, but many factors, such as age and genetics, influence how much shut-eye you need.

How to be happy

Waiting for happiness to find you? Stop waiting and start getting happy with these tips.

How to say no

Discover why saying no may be the single most important strategy you can use for stress relief.

Improve your health, improve your sex life


Recovering from an affair is difficult and ongoing. Forgiveness isn't likely to come quickly or easily, but it may become easier over time.

Job burnout

Having a hard time going to work? Enjoying it less every day? Don't let job burnout define your life.

Job satisfaction

Are you bored or unmotivated at work? Does work feel like drudgery? Here's help getting your mojo back.

Maintaining healthy fingernails

Medical family tree

Mental health

Curious about mental health? Discover what shapes the definitions of mental health and mental illness.

Napping do's and don'ts

Do naps tend to make you feel groggy, rather than refreshed? Find out what you might be doing wrong.

Office ergonomics

Is poor ergonomics contributing to aches and pains at work? Put your desk to the test — and make simple adjustments for comfort.

Office ergonomics: Your how-to guide

Office exercise

Are you too sedentary? See how to sneak more activity into your day.

Oral health and your overall health

Taking care of your oral health is an investment in your overall health. Here's why.

Oral health basics

How often do you need to replace your toothbrush? Is mouth rinse necessary? Get the facts on how to keep your smile healthy.

OTC sleep aids

Personal health record


Prescription and OTC sleeping pills

Can't sleep? Sleeping pills might be the answer. But first talk with your doctor about the potential risks and benefits.

Prescription sleeping pills

Secondhand smoke

Self-esteem check

Skin care tips

Sleep deprivation

Think getting by on a few hours of sleep is no big deal? Think again.

Sleep deprivation

Think getting by on a few hours of sleep is no big deal? Think again.

Sleep tips

Standing workstation

Standing workstations are a great way to sit less. Get the facts.


Becoming part of a stepfamily can be challenging and stressful for a child. Here's help smoothing the transition.

Sunless tanning

Want a tanned look without exposing your skin to the sun's damaging rays? Consider sunless tanning products.


Understand sunscreen options

Sunscreen is an essential part of any sun protection plan. Here's what you need to know.

Vaccines for adults

Want whiter teeth?

Work-life balance

Finding work-life balance in today's frenetically paced world is no simple task — but it's possible. Here's how.

Wrinkle creams

Can over-the-counter skin creams and lotions reduce wrinkles? Here's your anti-aging guide.

Mar. 06, 2014