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Letting go of past hurts

By Edward T. Creagan, M.D. June 4, 2010

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The fact that so many of you have weighed in on this topic makes it obvious that we all struggle with forgiveness and how to move on after crushing setbacks, disappointments and fractured relationships. Letting go of past hurts isn't easy, but it's necessary for our own well-being.

Let me share a situation I faced a few years ago.

I was involved in high-level discussions with a prominent colleague about a scientific proposal. I'd invested a tremendous amount of effort, concentration and commitment to the project. However, my work was taken by my colleague and changed and altered so that the final product showed little evidence of my efforts.

I felt hurt and betrayed, and I ruminated about what had happened for many, many months. However, with time I realized that I'd wasted far too much emotional energy on this topic. For my own sake, I needed to close the chapter and move on.

Was letting go of my grievance easy? Absolutely not, but it helped me moved past an unpleasant time.

Am I completely off the mark? How would others have handled this situation? Wishing peace and serenity to each of you.


Edward T. Creagan, M.D.

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June 04, 2010