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Pregnancy and you: Welcome to our blog

By Mary M. Murry, R.N., C.N.M. February 21, 2008

I was touring the baby department of a local superstore over the weekend and I was astounded at all the "things" that are available now for moms, newborns and babies.

My baby just turned 19 last week and I discovered things have come a long way in the last 20 years. Slings and carriers; cradle swings and play yards (I guess playpen does sound kind of prison like); baby monitors and portable electric breast pumps (don't ask about mine). Car seats are all 5 point and strollers look like SUVs. What a marvel! How did I care for a baby without at least some of these things?

I might not have had all those things but there were other things it seems I had less of: rules. I could eat a club sandwich every day. I could gorge on fish. I could drink coffee. I could eat soft cheeses in ignorant bliss. Today's pregnant woman could wonder how I had such healthy babies.

There do seem to be so many do's and don'ts for pregnant women today. It can seem like there is no living while you are pregnant, at least not the life you were used to. I hope this blog can be a place for pregnant women to share their concerns and their worries as well as their joys and little miracles. As a mother and a nurse midwife I look forward to being a part of this community.

Feb. 21, 2008