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Healthy sandwich makeover

By Jennifer K. Nelson, R.D., L.D. and Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. September 9, 2010

It's autumn and if you're like me you're looking for ideas to jazz up back-to-school lunches for your kids — or for yourself. Instead of succumbing to cafeteria fare, how about resurrecting the sandwich? If your idea of a healthy sandwich is a slice of meat between two slices of bread — you can do better! To help inspire you, I teamed up with other dietitians and chefs and put together ideas for remaking the simple turkey sandwich.

To build your healthy sandwich, choose one or more from the following:

  • Turkey: Roasted, sliced, diced, shaved, shredded — or substitute any lean protein
  • Whole grain: Sliced bread, bun, roll, tortilla, pita, ciabatta, baguette, focaccia, naan, English muffin, bagel, flat bread, cracker
  • Spread or relish: Mustard (regular, hot or sweet), low-fat mayonnaise, cranberry relish or other fruit spread, hummus, honey, pesto, peanut butter, salsa, low-fat refried beans, BBQ sauce
  • Toppings: Lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, peppers (sweet, hot or spicy), celery, radishes, cucumbers, herbs, apple, pear, grapes, raisins, chopped nuts
  • Preparation method: Traditional (layered), toasted, grilled or panini style, roll or wrap, stuffed, open-faced, salad-filled

In addition to your healthy sandwich, be sure to stuff your sack with veggies and fruit to munch, and a healthy beverage to sip.

A healthy sandwich doesn't have to be boring. Get creative and make those sandwiches healthier and more interesting! What are your suggestions for sandwich makeovers?

- Jennifer

Sept. 09, 2010