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A healthy twist on chocolate

By Jennifer K. Nelson, R.D., L.D. and Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. February 3, 2011

February is the month for chocolate. I can roll with that. I like chocolate as much as the next person. This year, however, I'm trying to think outside the heart-shaped box.

I'm lucky enough to work with some talented chefs and we put our heads together to come up with healthier ways to enjoy our beloved chocolate. Here's a recipe by Executive Chef Nick Weimer that uses cocoa, which delivers intense chocolate flavor without loads of fat and sugar.

Quinoa pudding with cocoa

1 1/2 cups cooked quinoa
1/4 cup assorted nuts
1/3 cup assorted dried fruit
1/2 cup assorted berries
2 tablespoons shredded, unsweetened coconut
1/3 cup plain or vanilla low-fat yogurt
2 tablespoons cocoa powder

Place ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly.

Now it's your turn. I'm challenging your creativity and culinary skills. Share your ideas and recipes for getting your chocolate fix in healthier ways.

- Katherine

Feb. 03, 2011