Description and Brand Names

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US Brand Name

  1. Oxsoralen

Canadian Brand Name

  1. Ultramop


Methoxsalen belongs to the group of medicines called psoralens. It is used along with ultraviolet light (found in sunlight and some special lamps) in a treatment called psoralen plus ultraviolet light A (PUVA) to treat vitiligo, a disease in which skin color is lost. Methoxsalen may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor.

Methoxsalen is available only with a prescription and is to be administered by or under the direct supervision of your doctor.

Once a medicine has been approved for marketing for a certain use, experience may show that it is also useful for other medical problems. Although these uses are not included in product labeling, topical methoxsalen is used in certain patients with the following medical conditions:

  • Alopecia areata
  • Eczema
  • Inflammatory dermatoses
  • Lichen planus
  • Mycosis fungoides
  • Need to increase tolerance of skin to sunlight
  • Psoriasis

This product is available in the following dosage forms:

  • Lotion