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Anandamide, bitter water, black chocolate (BC), Butyrum cacao, cacahuatl (Nahuatl), cacao (Brazilian Portuguese, English, Spanish), cacao bean husk extract, cacao tree, cacaoboom (Dutch), cacaoeiro (Brazilian Portuguese), cacaoyer (French), cacaueiro (Brazilian Portuguese), caffeine, carboxylic acids, catechin, CBC, CBH, chicolatl (Nahuatl), chocol (Mayan), chocolate flavonoids, chocolate milk, chocolate tree, choxi, cinnamtannin, clovamide, cocoa bean, cocoa bean husk extract, cocoa bran, cocoa butter, cocoa husk, cocoa liquor, cocoa oil, cocoa powder, cocoa solids, cocoa tree, dark chocolate, dried cocoa bean, Dutch chocolate, epicatechin, FCMC, fermented cocoa bean, fiber, flavan-3-ols, flavanols, flavonoids, granos de cacao (Spanish), harilik kakaopuu (Estonian), hot chocolate, inulin, isomalt, kakao (Danish), Kakao (German), kakaó(fa) (Hungarian), Kakaobaum (German), Kakaopflanze (German), kakaotræ (Danish), kakaowiec (Polish), kakav (Slovenian), kawkaw (Mayan), ke ke (Chinese), lipids, methylxanthine alkaloids, methylxanthines, milk chocolate, N-linoleoylethanolamine, N-oleolethanolamine, N-phenylpropenoyl-L-amino acid amide, oleic acid, oligofructose, palmitic acid, phenylethylamine, phytochemicals, phytosterols, polyphenols, procyanidin oligomers, procyanidins, purine alkaloids, saturated fatty acids, sorbitol, stearic acid, Sterculiaceae (family), stimulant drug, sucrose, Theobroma cacao L., Theobroma cacao phenolic extracts, theobromine, white chocolate, xocoatl (Mayan, Nahuatl), xocolatl (Mayan, Nahuatl).

Note: This monograph covers cacao, cocoa products, and chocolate. Chocolate contains caffeine. For a more complete overview, information on caffeine is available in the Natural Standard caffeine monograph.

This evidence-based monograph was prepared by The Natural Standard Research Collaboration