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  • Expertise. Mayo Clinic doctors trained in immune system disorders have expertise in caring for people with XLA and other primary immunodeficiency conditions. The Primary Immunodeficiency Center at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, is a designated Jeffrey Modell Foundation Diagnostic and Research Center. In addition, the Department of Medical Genetics includes clinical geneticists who are physicians certified in primary immunodeficiency conditions.
  • Diagnosis and treatment experience. Mayo Clinic doctors have experience diagnosing and treating people with XLA. Doctors work closely with you to provide the most appropriate care for your or your child's needs, focusing on decreasing the frequency and the severity of your infections. Doctors trained in pediatric immunodeficiency disorders care for children with XLA and other immune system disorders.
  • Genetic counseling. Analysis of your DNA can reveal whether you have the inherited gene that causes XLA. The Department of Medical Genetics can help you understand how a genetically based disorder such as XLA affects you or your child and your family.
  • Research. Mayo Clinic doctors conduct research in XLA and other primary immunodeficiency conditions and conduct clinical trials.

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March 12, 2015