The chromosome error that causes triple X syndrome can't be repaired, so the syndrome itself has no cure. Treatment is based on symptoms and needs. Options that may be helpful include:

  • Periodic screenings. Your daughter's doctor may recommend periodic screenings throughout childhood. If any developmental delays, learning disabilities or health problems occur, she can then receive prompt treatment.
  • Early intervention services. These services may include speech, occupational, physical or developmental therapy, starting in the early months of life or as soon as needs are identified.
  • Educational assistance. If your daughter has a learning disability, she can receive educational help to learn techniques and strategies to be successful in school and daily life.
  • Supportive environment and counseling. Girls with triple X syndrome may be more prone to anxiety, as well as behavior and emotional problems. So make sure your daughter has a supportive environment. And psychological counseling may help teach you and your family how to demonstrate love and encouragement, and discourage behaviors that might negatively impact learning and social functioning.
  • Assistance and support in daily functioning. If your daughter has developmental delays, this assistance and support may include help with activities of daily living, social opportunities and employment.