Treatments and drugs

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Mild thrombocytopenia

Many cases of mild thrombocytopenia may not require treatment. The condition may resolve on its own. For instance, mild thrombocytopenia in pregnant women usually improves soon after childbirth.

Treatments for more severe thrombocytopenia

Treating thrombocytopenia may involve several options:

  • Treating the underlying cause of thrombocytopenia. If your doctor can identify a disease or condition that's causing your thrombocytopenia, treating that cause may improve your signs and symptoms.
  • Blood transfusions. If your platelet level becomes too low, your doctor can replace lost blood with transfusions of packed red blood cells or platelets.
  • Treatment for idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. Treatment for this disease may include medications that block the antibodies that attack platelets, such as corticosteroids. If corticosteroids don't help, your doctor may recommend surgery to remove your spleen (splenectomy) or stronger medications to suppress your immune system.
Apr. 06, 2012

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