Coping and support

Facing infant death

Infant death causes heart-wrenching grief. A Mayo Clinic psychologist offers parents insight and hope.


Baby sleep

It's never too soon to encourage good sleep habits. Find out how to help your baby sleep through the night.

Baby's head shape

Many newborns have slightly lopsided heads. Here's help promoting a more symmetrical head shape.

Breast-feeding tips

Breast-feeding might take more practice — and patience — than you ever imagined. Here's help understanding the basics.

Pacifiers and your baby

Pacifiers are considered must-have baby gear by many parents. Pacifiers, however, can have drawbacks. Understand pacifier do's and don'ts.

Risk factors

Caring for a premature baby

Secondhand smoke

It might be someone else's smoke, but the risks are yours. Consider simple steps for avoiding secondhand smoke.

Smoking and pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy is a no-win situation. Get the facts about tobacco use during pregnancy, and know where to turn for quit-smoking support.

May. 17, 2014

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