Traumatic brain injury

While mild traumatic brain injury generally results in few long-term problems, more severe injury can cause several physical, emotional, behavioral, communication and cognitive problems.


Bipolar disorder

Managing bipolar disorder can be a challenge. Stick to your treatment plan to keep mood swings under control.

Generalized anxiety disorder

Don't be a captive of your worries and fears. Control your anxiety by seeking treatment and learning coping skills.

Heart attack

A heart attack is an injury to heart muscle caused by reduced blood supply. Heart attack symptoms and treatments are discussed here.

Risk factors


Take control of your mood and health. Explore the many depression treatment options and learn coping skills.

Postpartum depression

Postpartum depression can interfere with your ability to care for your baby and handle other daily tasks. Prompt treatment can help.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Living through a traumatic event can leave lasting scars. Medications, therapy and coping skills can help you regain a sense of control.



Whiplash is a neck injury often linked to auto accidents. Discover which treatments work and which don't.

Feb. 07, 2014