Lifestyle and home remedies

Skin care tips


Base tan? Bad idea

Self-tanners: Are they safe?

Spray tanning? Hold your breath

Sunless tanning

Want a tanned look without exposing your skin to the sun's damaging rays? Consider sunless tanning products.

Sunless tanning tips

Understand sunscreen options

Sunscreen is an essential part of any sun protection plan. Here's what you need to know.

Tests and diagnosis

Biopsy procedures

Learn about the most common biopsy procedures and how they're used to diagnose cancer.

Treatments and drugs


Chemotherapy side effects after treatment is done

Get ready for possible side effects of chemotherapy

Ask questions and work with your health care team to prepare for chemotherapy so that you know what side effects to expect and how to manage them.

Mohs surgery

Preventing infections during chemotherapy

Radiation therapy

Tips for eating well during chemotherapy

June 10, 2015