Psoriasis care at Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic's approach to psoriasis care

Your Mayo Clinic care team personalizes your psoriasis care to ensure an accurate diagnosis, an effective treatment plan that works for you and the very best service.

Your Mayo Clinic care team

Mayo Clinic doctors are very experienced in treating children and adults who have psoriasis. They treat all different types of psoriasis in all different ages. If you need another specialist, such as a rheumatologist to manage psoriatic arthritis, your Mayo Clinic care team works together to provide whatever you need.

Advanced diagnosis and treatment

Psoriasis is unique for everyone, and the effects on people range from mild to almost totally disabling. Your doctor will work with you to determine the correct diagnosis for your type of psoriasis, which is essential for effective treatment.

Mayo Clinic offers all treatments for this disease, including the Goeckerman treatment — invented at Mayo Clinic — for moderate to severe psoriasis.

The Goeckerman treatment is not available in many places. This very effective therapy involves receiving daily ultraviolet light exposure and applying coal tar over the whole body.