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Mayo Clinic emphasizes a thorough evaluation using the latest testing options to diagnose POEMS syndrome. To make a diagnosis, your doctor first performs a physical exam and reviews your medical history. Diagnostic tests may include those below.

Imaging tests

Mayo Clinic has an international reputation for top-quality imaging and rapid test results. In tests that involve radiation, specialists carefully monitor doses to avoid the risk of radiation overexposure. Your doctor may recommend imaging tests, including:

Lab tests

Mayo Clinic's pathologists are internationally known for their expertise in assessing biopsy and other samples, including urine, bone marrow and blood.

  • Blood tests. To assess your blood cells, protein and hormone levels, your doctor may recommend blood tests.
  • Biopsy. Your doctor may remove a small sample of tissue, bone marrow or abnormal bone growths for examination by a pathologist.
  • Bone marrow tests. The pathologist will carefully review your bone marrow under the microscope looking for features of the disease, and may do special stains called immunohistochemistry to better highlight if there are monoclonal plasma cells in your bone marrow.
  • Other tests. Lung (pulmonary) function testing and urine protein testing also may be done.


Because POEMS syndrome can affect so many different parts of the body, your doctor may request that you see other specialists to assist in managing your symptoms. These specialists may include hematology, neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, endocrinology, radiation oncology, ophthalmology, and others as needed.

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Nov. 20, 2012