Coping and support

If you're diagnosed with placenta previa, you're sure to worry about how your condition will affect you, your baby and your family. Some of these strategies might help you cope:

  • Learn about placenta previa. Having information about your condition can help ease your fears. Talk to your health care provider, research on your own and connect with other women who've had placenta previa.
  • Prepare for a C-section. Placenta previa might prevent you from delivering your baby vaginally. Remind yourself that you and your baby's health are more important than the method of delivery.
  • Make the best of rest. Although you won't be confined to bed, you will have to take it easy. Fill your days by planning for your baby's arrival. Read about newborn care or purchase newborn necessities, either online or by phone. Or use the time to catch up on thank-you notes or other nontaxing tasks.
  • Take care of yourself. Surround yourself with things that comfort you, such as good books or music you love. Give your partner, friends and loved ones suggestions for ways to help, such as visiting or making one of your favorite foods.