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  • Expertise and team approach. Your team of experts may include pediatric hematologists, pediatric pathologists, pediatric infectious disease specialists, pediatric surgeons and immunologists who work together to provide accurate diagnosis and exceptional care for your child and support for your family.
  • Experience. Pediatric hematology specialists at Mayo have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating both common and unusual causes of thrombocytopenia. If it's caused by a bone marrow failure syndrome such as aplastic anemia, treatment might involve a bone marrow transplant or immunosuppressive therapy by experienced Mayo Clinic specialists. Mayo Eugenio Litta Children's Hospital provides family-friendly, state-of-the art inpatient care.
  • Newest technology. Specialists at Mayo Clinic make use of the newest technology to improve chances for positive outcomes. Effective treatment of pediatric thrombocytopenia is tailored to the specific cause of the low platelets. At Mayo, complex diagnostic tools are available to identify unusual causes of low platelets.
May 29, 2014