Lifestyle and home remedies

Atkins Diet

Dietary guidelines

Get the skinny on current dietary recommendations about which foods to choose and which to avoid.

Healthy chicken recipes

Need menu inspiration? Get your creative juices flowing with these tasty recipes.

Mediterranean diet recipes

Give your diet a healthy kick with these Mediterranean recipes.


Added sugar

Added sugar often means unwanted calories. See how to identify and cut back on added sugar.

Risk factors

Metabolic syndrome

Sleep deprivation

Think getting by on a few hours of sleep is no big deal? Think again.

Tests and diagnosis

Cholesterol test

Find out how a cholesterol test, sometimes called a lipid panel, is done, how to prepare and what the results mean.

Liver function tests

Find out how this battery of blood tests helps your doctor diagnose and monitor liver disease.

Treatments and drugs

Alli weight-loss pill

Bariatric surgery

What are the risks and benefits of gastric bypass and other types of weight-loss surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery

Glycemic index diet

Latest GI innovations

Weight-loss surgery

Have you ever wondered how gastric bypass and other weight-loss surgeries work? Check out this guide.

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