Many of the symptoms associated with Noonan syndrome are treated just as they would be for anyone else experiencing a health problem. Taken together though, the many problems this disorder can cause require coordinated management by your health care team.

Complications can arise that may require special attention, including:

  • Developmental issues. If your child is affected developmentally, he or she may have difficulty with organization and spatial sense. Sometimes the developmental challenges are severe enough to require a special plan to address your child's learning and educational needs.
  • Bleeding and bruising. Noonan syndrome can cause excessive bleeding and bruising. This can create problems during surgery or dental work.

    If excess bleeding and bruising affect you or your child, avoid aspirin or aspirin-containing products because aspirin can affect clotting of the blood. Children in general need to avoid aspirin because of its association with Reye's syndrome.

  • Complications from lymphatic conditions. Sometimes fluid can collect in the cavity around the heart and lungs, requiring a chest tube to drain. If the draining is prolonged or needs to be repeated, this can sometimes result in weight loss or infection.
  • Genital and urinary tract complications. Males may have a low sperm count and other fertility problems because of undescended testicles (cryptorchidism). Structural abnormalities in the kidneys may increase the rate of urinary tract infections.
Aug. 03, 2013