Preparing for your appointment

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Make an appointment with your doctor if you have muscle cramps that are severe, frequent and not getting better with self-care. When you see your doctor, bring a list of your key medical information, including any allergies or medical conditions, and the names of all the medications, vitamins and supplements you're taking.

Your doctor is likely to ask a number of questions to help determine if you should have any tests or see a specialist. To make the most of your appointment, consider in advance your answers to the following:

  • When did you first develop cramps?
  • How frequent and severe are your cramps?
  • Does anything typically precede your cramps, such as mild to strenuous exercise?
  • Do you ever develop cramps while you're resting?
  • Does stretching relieve your cramps?
  • Do you have any other symptoms, including muscle weakness, pain, or the sensation that a foot, hand or limb has fallen asleep?
  • Do any of your close blood relatives have a history of muscle cramps?
  • Have you noticed any changes in your urine after exercise?
  • Do you use any recreational or sports-enhancement drugs?
Feb. 19, 2013