Lifestyle and home remedies

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Overcoming Munchausen syndrome can be difficult. For those who are able to begin taking steps toward managing this condition, these tips may help:

  • Stick to your treatment plan. Attend therapy appointments and take any medications as directed. If you feel an urge to harm yourself or cause yourself to become ill, talk honestly to your therapist or primary care doctor for better ways to cope with your emotions.
  • Have a medical gatekeeper. Have one trusted primary care doctor to manage your medical care, rather than visiting numerous doctors, specialists and surgeons.
  • Remember the risks. Remind yourself that you could face permanent injury or even death each time you hurt yourself or undergo a risky test or operation needlessly.
  • Don't run. Resist urges to find a new doctor or to flee to a new town where medical professionals aren't aware of your background. Your therapist can help you overcome these powerful urges.
  • Connect with someone. Many people with Munchausen syndrome lack friendships and other relationships. Try to find someone you're able to confide in, share fun times with and offer your own support to.
May. 13, 2011