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Coping with the complications of multiple myeloma

Coping and support

Get the emotional support you need to cope with multiple myeloma



Fatigue can signal many things. Here are some tips to help you decipher why you're wiped out and to regain your energy.

Nausea and vomiting

Unexplained weight loss

Tests and diagnosis

Complete blood count

A complete blood count can be used to evaluate your overall health, detect a wide range of disorders, or monitor a medical condition or treatment.

Creatinine test

A creatinine test reveals important information about your kidneys. Find out what the results of this common blood test mean for you.

CT scan


MRI uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the organs and tissues within your body.

Positron emission tomography scan


Treatments and drugs


Communicating with your doctor when you have multiple myeloma

Multiple myeloma treatments

After a multiple myeloma diagnosis, it can be helpful to understand the range of treatments available.

Multiple myeloma: What treatment is right for you?

Radiation therapy

Stem cell transplant

Stem cells: What they are and what they do

Stem cells are under study to treat diverse conditions from blood cancers to Parkinson's and heart failure. Researchers have uncovered some potential new sources that offer additional opportunities for developing regenerative solutions.

Thalidomide: Research advances in cancer and other conditions

Thalidomide is infamous for the birth defects it caused. So why are doctors still prescribing it?

Sept. 11, 2014