Mitral valve disease care at Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic care team

A team of doctors and health care professionals discusses care for people with mitral valve disease.

Your Mayo Clinic care team

Mayo Clinic doctors trained in heart disease (cardiologists) collaborate as a multidisciplinary team with heart surgeons (cardiac surgeons) and other health care professionals to provide you with coordinated, comprehensive care. This collaborative approach means doctors can often evaluate you and develop a treatment plan within two or three days.

Individualized approach

Doctors at Mayo Clinic provide care for you as a whole person. Doctors take the time to get to know you and work with you to provide exactly the care you need.

A doctor and health care professional in a consultation with a patient Heart valve disease discussion at Mayo Clinic

A doctor and health care professional discuss heart valve disease with a person receiving care at Mayo Clinic.

Innovative treatment

Mayo Clinic doctors and surgeons have experience and training in performing innovative surgical procedures to conduct mitral valve repair and mitral valve replacement and other heart valve surgeries. Doctors repair the mitral valve when possible instead of replacing it, as it preserves the valve and may preserve heart function.

A surgeon at a remote console conducting robot-assisted heart surgery Robot-assisted heart surgery at Mayo Clinic

A Mayo Clinic surgeon sits at a remote console and uses robotic arms to conduct robot-assisted heart surgery. A surgical team assists at the operating table.

Mayo cardiac surgeons may perform minimally invasive heart surgery to repair a mitral valve, which involves the use of smaller incisions than those used in open-heart surgery. Surgeons may sometimes perform robot-assisted heart surgery, a type of minimally invasive heart surgery in which surgeons use robotic arms to conduct the procedure.

A surgical team at the operating table during robot-assisted heart surgery Robot-assisted heart surgery team at Mayo Clinic

A Mayo Clinic surgeon and surgical team assist with robot-assisted heart surgery, while another surgeon sits at a remote console controlling the robotic arms.

Mayo doctors may use less invasive catheter procedures to repair mitral valves using plugs, clips or other devices. Doctors may also use a catheter procedure to insert a replacement valve in a biological tissue replacement valve that is no longer working.

Research and innovation

Mayo doctors have been pioneers in many types of heart valve surgery, such as mitral valve repair and aortic valve repair, for many years. Doctors continue to study new surgical options to repair or replace the mitral valve, including catheter procedures, minimally invasive heart surgery and other techniques.

Researchers study diagnostic tests and treatment options for mitral valve disease and conduct clinical trials.

March 03, 2017
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