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Mayo Clinic Clinical Trial Helps Physician Take On Multiple Myeloma

When 69-year-old allergist and rheumatologist Mike Mass. M.D., was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in August 2013, he quickly realized that being the patient and trusting the advice of a fellow physician with expertise in a disease outside of his realm of expertise would be a challenge. “I’ve always advocated open communications with my patients about their [...]

  • Experience. Mayo Clinic hematologists diagnose and care for hundreds of patients with monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) each year. Experienced pathologists are skilled in the testing and identification of the M protein and determining its potential risk of progression to cancer.
  • Research Advances. Numerous Mayo Clinic researchers are studying MGUS to better understand it and to improve treatment options. Mayo Clinic researchers developed a risk-assessment model that can predict risk of progression of monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance to multiple myeloma.
  • Coordinated care. A specialist in blood diseases (hematologist) will oversee your care and bring in other specialists as needed, including neurologists if nerve damage is suspected, nephrologists to prevent kidney failure and dermatologists if skin lesions occur. Access to specialists, testing and treatment is available in one convenient location and can be accomplished in a few days.
May 17, 2013