Preparing for your appointment

By Mayo Clinic Staff

You're likely to start by first seeing your family doctor or a general practitioner. If your doctor suspects you may have a kidney problem, you may be referred to a doctor who specializes in the kidneys (nephrologist).

To prepare for your appointment:

  • Write down any symptoms you're experiencing, including any that may seem unrelated to the reason for which you scheduled the appointment.
  • Write down key personal information, including any major stresses or recent life changes.
  • Make a list of all medications, as well as any vitamins or supplements that you're taking.
  • Take a family member or friend along, if possible. Sometimes it can be difficult to absorb all the information provided during an appointment. Someone who accompanies you may remember something that you missed or forgot.
  • Write down questions to ask your doctor.

Preparing a list of questions will help you make the most of the time with your doctor. Here are some basic questions to ask:

  • Do I have membranous nephropathy?
  • What is causing it?
  • What are my treatment options?
  • Can I be cured?
  • What can I expect long term (the prognosis)?
  • If I need a kidney transplant, will that cure me or can the disease come back?
Oct. 12, 2011

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