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Depending on the size and location of the MPNST, treatment may include:

  • Surgery. The main treatment is to remove as much of the cancerous tumor as possible (surgical resection), ideally with no cancer detected at the edges of the removed tissue (negative margins). Mayo surgeons try to minimize damage to nearby muscle and nerve tissue to the extent possible.
  • Radiation therapy and chemotherapy. In cases where surgery cannot remove all of the cancer, specialists may recommend radiation therapy before, during or after surgery. Your doctor may recommend intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) or 3-D conformal radiation therapy. In some cases, chemotherapy also may be needed.
  • Rehabilitation. After surgery, the muscles controlled by the nerve from which the cancerous tumor was removed may need to be positioned or exercised to keep the affected muscles and joints active, prevent stiffness, and help restore function and feeling. Experienced physical and occupational therapists will guide you through specific exercises and provide braces or splints if necessary. Your doctor may recommend medication for pain control.
Jun. 27, 2013

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