You normally lose about 10 cups (2.4 liters) of water every day — much more during exercise or illness. Learn how to stay hydrated.

IBD and colon cancer: How often do you need screening?

Coping and support

IBD and depression: Is there a connection?

Support groups

Lifestyle and home remedies

Aerobic exercise

Want to lose weight? Boost your mood? Increase your stamina? Then add aerobic activity to your routine.


Low-fiber diet

Quit smoking strategies

Quitting smoking is hard, no question. Use these tried-and-true strategies to help you quit, and refer back to them as often as needed.

Preparing for your appointment

10 IBD questions to ask at your next appointment


Abdominal pain

Find out what causes different types of abdominal pain.

Anal pain


Tests and diagnosis

Barium enema


CT scan

Flexible sigmoidoscopy

Has your doctor recommended a flexible sigmoidoscopy exam? Here's what you need to know about preparation and the exam itself.

Needle biopsy


Treatments and drugs

Prednisone risks, benefits

Feb. 18, 2015