Alternative medicine

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Alternative and complementary treatments may help ease indigestion, although none of these treatments has been well studied. These treatments include:

  • Herbal tea with peppermint.
  • STW5 (iberogast), a liquid supplement that contains extracts of herbs including bitter candytuft, peppermint leaves, caraway and licorice root. STW5 may work by reducing the production of gastric acid.
  • Artichoke leaf extract, available as a supplement. Artichoke leaf extract may work by stimulating the flow of bile from the liver to improve digestion. Some people may experience flatulence or an allergic reaction.
  • Psychological treatment, including behavior modification, relaxation techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy.
  • Acupuncture, which may work by blocking the pathways of nerves that carry sensations of pain to the brain.

Always check with your doctor before taking any supplements to be sure you are taking a safe dose and that the supplement won't adversely interact with any medications you're taking.

May 01, 2013