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Surgery cures rare condition

When Lindsey Fleener was young, she struggled playing the piano. It was difficult for her to do penmanship. She could barely hold a bat in physical education. The monkey bars were impossible at recess. Lindsey didn't have a learning disability. She wasn't handicapped or physically challenged. Lindsey had a condition that elicited excessive perspiration — [...]

  • Expertise and experience. Mayo Clinic experts have been successfully treating hyperhidrosis for decades. Each year about 2,000 people seek treatment at Mayo Clinic for hyperhidrosis.
  • Team approach. People with hyperhidrosis may need to consult with specialists from dermatology, neurology, neurosurgery and chest (thoracic) surgery. Our multidisciplinary approach means you have access to exactly the care you need.
  • Specialized tests. A thermoregulatory sweat test is available at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. In this test, your body is coated with a powder that changes color when it gets wet. Most people who have hyperhidrosis sweat enough to change the powder's color well before their core temperature is raised to 100.4 F (38 C).
  • Surgical options. Mayo Clinic surgeons developed an effective surgical treatment for hyperhidrosis more than 70 years ago. Mayo surgeons have been at the forefront of developing surgical techniques to improve results, speed recovery time and reduce side effects of hyperhidrosis surgery.
Aug. 18, 2015