Abdominal pain

Find out what causes different types of abdominal pain.

Alcohol intolerance

Think you have alcohol intolerance? Here's what might be causing your reaction to wine, beer or other beverages.

Bee stings

Bee stings — Comprehensive overview covers prevention, treatment of bee stings.

Egg allergy

Food allergy

Food allergy symptoms can make you miserable. Unfortunately, there's no cure — but there are steps you can take to keep your symptoms in check.

Mosquito bites

Mosquito bites are usually just annoying, but can sometimes cause disease. Take steps to protect yourself and learn how to relieve itching if you've been bitten.

Peanut allergy

Peanut allergy can be serious. Find out what you need to know to prevent a life-threatening reaction.

Shellfish allergy

Stevens-Johnson syndrome

Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a disorder of the skin and mucous membranes. Often, this severe adverse reaction is caused by medication or an infection.

Sun allergy

Sun allergy can be a bothersome condition. Learn about causes and treatment.

Feb. 14, 2014

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