Preparing for your appointment

Most children who have growing pains will not need to see a doctor. If the pain is persistent or unusual, you may want to bring your concerns to the attention of your family doctor or pediatrician.

What you can do

Before the appointment, you may want to write a list that answers the following questions:

  • Where does the pain occur?
  • Is there a certain time of day when the pain usually occurs?
  • How long does the pain last?
  • What, if anything, relieves the pain?
  • Does the pain wake your child up at night or make it difficult to fall asleep?
  • Has your child experienced any other signs or symptoms — such as swelling, redness, abdominal pain or headaches?
  • Has your child recently started a new physical activity?

What to expect from your doctor

During the exam, your doctor may ask questions about your child's symptoms and activities. He or she will check your child's bones and muscles for signs of tenderness.