Treatments and drugs

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Most fractures of the arms and legs require a cast to keep the bones in good alignment while the break heals. If the bones are in a poor alignment, they may need to be repositioned, typically under sedation.

On occasion, your doctor may decide that a removable splint could work just as well, particularly if the break is mostly healed. The benefit of a splint is that your child might be able to take it off briefly for a bath or shower.

X-rays are required in a few weeks to make sure the fracture is healing properly, to check the alignment of the bone, and to determine when a cast is no longer needed. Most fractures or breaks require four to eight weeks for complete healing, depending on the break and the age of the child.

After the cast is removed, the child should avoid high-impact activities for another one to two weeks to keep from re-injuring the arm or leg. Your child will quickly rebuild muscle and function in the limb with normal daily activities. Physical therapy usually isn't required.

June 18, 2013