Childhood obesity

Childhood obesity can cause health problems that last a lifetime. When should you worry? And what can you do?


C-section — Overview covers why it's done, risks, what you can expect and tips for recovery.

Diabetic hypoglycemia

Diabetic hypoglycemia — Comprehensive overview covers causes, symptoms and treatment of low blood sugar.

Nonstress test

Nonstress test — Overview covers definition and results of this prenatal test.

Pregnancy and diabetes

Pregnancy and exercise

Pregnancy may seem like the perfect time to sit back and relax, but it's actually a great time to get active. Here's why — and how.

Pregnancy and obesity

Being obese during pregnancy can pose health risks for you and your baby. Get the facts about obesity and pregnancy.


Ultrasound imaging uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of structures in your body.

May. 24, 2012

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